Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This Miller's For You, Milwaukee

Amidst the horror that which is the Don Imus vs. Rutgers controversy (a topic I won't get into, but let's just say that if Imus was in the middle of a street, on fire.. I'd take a picture.. throw Brett Favre on him.. and find a container of gasoline to pour on them.. then take another picture..), a true "feel good" story has emerged in Milwaukee.

OK, scene: camera opens up on a bleak Cleveland winter panaroma, the city covered in over a foot of snow. Pan to Jacobs Field where the sign reads "We Moved To Milwaukee".

If you flip this Jacob's Field snow globe upside-down, that's what happened in Cleveland.

Wait, who plays baseball in the winter? No, no. Its April 10th and the rest of the nation is enjoying its past-time. Cleveland's home opener was scheduled for this fateful day against the Los Angeles, California Angels of Anaheim and Orange County.

So what does Milwaukee have to do with this? Well, they moved the game to Miller Park, home of the Brewers.

So you're thinking, "Wow, sucks for the Indians. I doubt more than a few thousand showed up to that game."
And once again you'd be wrong. Actually the official attendance was 19,031. I won't go into the logistics of moving the series several hundred miles northwest; I'll leave that to ESPN or whatever other news source you use.

I just want to send out some serious kudos to the city of Milwaukee. These people not only set up hotels, workers and hospitality for a three-game series within 24 hours.. they made it perfect.

The music was right. The fans were loud and supportive (even doing the slo-mo wave during the seventh inning like they do for Brewers games). Karma ruled.
What am I talking about? I'll tell you:
Music- Like most baseball teams, each home-team player comes up to bat with special graphics or music or whatnot. Milwaukee made sure that each Indian batter had the correct music with which they could walk up to the plate and even had highlight reels for a few of the players.

Fans- Milwaukee-ites embraced the Cleveland passion with drums/head dresses, quotes from the Major League movies on signs and even cheering when the Indian mascot slid down the home-run slide.

Can you picture some other mascot that Bernie using this slide?

Karma- No team should have to move their home opener across the midwest and then lose.. the Indians won 7-6.

Bravo Milwaukee.. I think there's only one other stadium that could have pulled this off.. and thats Wrigley Field. Why? Not because they'd be better at it or the fans would love the Indians more.. no.. we Cubs fans would just do anything to piss off the White Sox.

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