Thursday, April 5, 2007

Much Ado About Coaching

Bob Huggins left the Kansas State basketball program today in what I consider to be a surprise move from both Bob and West Virginia, where he now calls home.

See, K-State was giving good old Coach Huggins everything he wanted: big money; a good compliance department and a turned head by the administration.. his job was simple.. win games, make money.

Now, I could be wrong but I always held West Virginia to a higher level of respect than most schools with division one programs. Their football program seems to defy "small school" odds with one of the smarter head coaches at the helm. Steve Slaton was that guy who flew just under the high school recruiting radar and proved everyone wrong by becoming a top ten draft pick next year (if he leaves early).

I'm not saying West Virginia never cut a corner during recruiting or on a bowl trip. Hell, every school does that crap. I'm talking about what Bob Huggins is notorious for. I'm talking about hosting criminals.

Bob Huggins had a graduation rate of nil, zilch.. ZERO. Can you imagine that? Going to class and looking around and realizing that of the twelve people in that room, no one would be receiving a diploma? And now he's at West Virginia. Now he's Head Coach Bob Huggins of West Virginia... recruiting at a juvenile detention center near you.

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