Friday, April 13, 2007

OK, It's my turn

So Don Imus made racially insensitive remarks. I'm not going into this. To an extent, although I don't agree with him, he shouldn't have been fired.. its his job to make those remarks. Did he cross an invisible line of radio ethics? Maybe, but that's not why I'm here.

I'm wondering: Why do we care so much? And I also think I have the answer: Because they're girls. Now bear with me here....

If these comments were said about the Florida men's basketball team, it would have been something like "juiced-up thugs" (I'm using Florida because they're a good athletic team and were just in the championship game.. that and I hate that Joakim Noah guy). And what would happen? NOTHING. We'd be saying "Oh that crazy Don Imus, you never know what he'll say next."

But that's it, and why? Because its a men's team. The Rutger's situation, however, deals with a women's team.. and therefore, we're not allowed to say certain things. Now, I'm not condoning or agreeing with Imus's comments but let's be honest, if it wasn't a girls team we wouldn't care.

Imus is a victim of reverse discrimination. If he makes fun of men, he's got a job on Sportscenter talking about the Cincinnati Bengals. But he made a crack at a women's team, and all of a sudden he's looking for a job. I just don't get it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This Miller's For You, Milwaukee

Amidst the horror that which is the Don Imus vs. Rutgers controversy (a topic I won't get into, but let's just say that if Imus was in the middle of a street, on fire.. I'd take a picture.. throw Brett Favre on him.. and find a container of gasoline to pour on them.. then take another picture..), a true "feel good" story has emerged in Milwaukee.

OK, scene: camera opens up on a bleak Cleveland winter panaroma, the city covered in over a foot of snow. Pan to Jacobs Field where the sign reads "We Moved To Milwaukee".

If you flip this Jacob's Field snow globe upside-down, that's what happened in Cleveland.

Wait, who plays baseball in the winter? No, no. Its April 10th and the rest of the nation is enjoying its past-time. Cleveland's home opener was scheduled for this fateful day against the Los Angeles, California Angels of Anaheim and Orange County.

So what does Milwaukee have to do with this? Well, they moved the game to Miller Park, home of the Brewers.

So you're thinking, "Wow, sucks for the Indians. I doubt more than a few thousand showed up to that game."
And once again you'd be wrong. Actually the official attendance was 19,031. I won't go into the logistics of moving the series several hundred miles northwest; I'll leave that to ESPN or whatever other news source you use.

I just want to send out some serious kudos to the city of Milwaukee. These people not only set up hotels, workers and hospitality for a three-game series within 24 hours.. they made it perfect.

The music was right. The fans were loud and supportive (even doing the slo-mo wave during the seventh inning like they do for Brewers games). Karma ruled.
What am I talking about? I'll tell you:
Music- Like most baseball teams, each home-team player comes up to bat with special graphics or music or whatnot. Milwaukee made sure that each Indian batter had the correct music with which they could walk up to the plate and even had highlight reels for a few of the players.

Fans- Milwaukee-ites embraced the Cleveland passion with drums/head dresses, quotes from the Major League movies on signs and even cheering when the Indian mascot slid down the home-run slide.

Can you picture some other mascot that Bernie using this slide?

Karma- No team should have to move their home opener across the midwest and then lose.. the Indians won 7-6.

Bravo Milwaukee.. I think there's only one other stadium that could have pulled this off.. and thats Wrigley Field. Why? Not because they'd be better at it or the fans would love the Indians more.. no.. we Cubs fans would just do anything to piss off the White Sox.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Much Ado About Coaching

Bob Huggins left the Kansas State basketball program today in what I consider to be a surprise move from both Bob and West Virginia, where he now calls home.

See, K-State was giving good old Coach Huggins everything he wanted: big money; a good compliance department and a turned head by the administration.. his job was simple.. win games, make money.

Now, I could be wrong but I always held West Virginia to a higher level of respect than most schools with division one programs. Their football program seems to defy "small school" odds with one of the smarter head coaches at the helm. Steve Slaton was that guy who flew just under the high school recruiting radar and proved everyone wrong by becoming a top ten draft pick next year (if he leaves early).

I'm not saying West Virginia never cut a corner during recruiting or on a bowl trip. Hell, every school does that crap. I'm talking about what Bob Huggins is notorious for. I'm talking about hosting criminals.

Bob Huggins had a graduation rate of nil, zilch.. ZERO. Can you imagine that? Going to class and looking around and realizing that of the twelve people in that room, no one would be receiving a diploma? And now he's at West Virginia. Now he's Head Coach Bob Huggins of West Virginia... recruiting at a juvenile detention center near you.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Monday's festivities

So Monday was opening day for baseball as well as the National Championship for men's NCAA basketball. Quite eventful I must say.

I'll start with opening day.. and since the only game I watched was the Cubs game, we'll stick to that: I'm worried.

This team needs guys who can step up and deliver a big hit. Hopefully the fact that Aaron Harang is awesome was the only reason we couldn't hit for two hours yesterday. Now, I understand that it's just one game, and the first one at that- but the problem for the last few years on the Cubs has not been talent, it's been execution.

The Cubs have the hitters to be a very good offensive team but we can't be streaky like we have the last few years. We'll score 12 runs in one game and then a total of 5 runs the next four games. That just will not cut it.

Zambrano will be fine, he just had a bad day and Adam Dunn basically took full advantage of two very bad pitches.

Anyway, I'm venting and its worthless to get mad about one game.. so on to Florida.

Last nights game was proof that I don't know what I'm talking about in the world of college basketball. The whole year I labelled Florida as the most overrated team ever, despite winning the previous national championship. Well, they won another one with the same group of guys. After the first five minutes or so of the game it looked like it was going to be a shootout till the end. Then Florida just decided that enough was enough and pulled away to the tune of an 11 point half-time lead which they never gave up. All Florida did was prove that they were not only this good last year but this year as well.

Now, last night's match up pissed me off because frankly I can't stand either school. Florida has dirty programs in both football and basketball and Ohio State fans are giant dicks. It's a lose-lose situation. So I ended up rooting for Ohio State just because I didn't want to see a team like Florida win back-to-back championships in basketball with a nice football championship in the middle. That's just sick.

But that's what happened and it pisses me off. Now I have to watch Cubs baseball for the next two months while they're still relevant and pray that the Notre Dame Blue-Gold game tides me over until fall practice begins.

Monday, April 2, 2007


All that spring training crap is done and I can finally yell at the Cubs and not feel bad. There's something about when I accidentally watch Cub spring training games and I start getting into it. Like violently. When I start yelling at guys (who have no chance of making the big leagues) to hit the cut off man.

But now it IS the big leagues. Now the games matter again. Now we can finally find out if the Cubs and Yankees both spend hundreds of millions just to watch the playoffs.
Will anyone on the Cubs stay healthy? God I hope so.

Let the Old Style flow and the southwesternish wind blow.

Oh, by the way, the Cardinals have a losing record.. HA!