Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Monday's festivities

So Monday was opening day for baseball as well as the National Championship for men's NCAA basketball. Quite eventful I must say.

I'll start with opening day.. and since the only game I watched was the Cubs game, we'll stick to that: I'm worried.

This team needs guys who can step up and deliver a big hit. Hopefully the fact that Aaron Harang is awesome was the only reason we couldn't hit for two hours yesterday. Now, I understand that it's just one game, and the first one at that- but the problem for the last few years on the Cubs has not been talent, it's been execution.

The Cubs have the hitters to be a very good offensive team but we can't be streaky like we have the last few years. We'll score 12 runs in one game and then a total of 5 runs the next four games. That just will not cut it.

Zambrano will be fine, he just had a bad day and Adam Dunn basically took full advantage of two very bad pitches.

Anyway, I'm venting and its worthless to get mad about one game.. so on to Florida.

Last nights game was proof that I don't know what I'm talking about in the world of college basketball. The whole year I labelled Florida as the most overrated team ever, despite winning the previous national championship. Well, they won another one with the same group of guys. After the first five minutes or so of the game it looked like it was going to be a shootout till the end. Then Florida just decided that enough was enough and pulled away to the tune of an 11 point half-time lead which they never gave up. All Florida did was prove that they were not only this good last year but this year as well.

Now, last night's match up pissed me off because frankly I can't stand either school. Florida has dirty programs in both football and basketball and Ohio State fans are giant dicks. It's a lose-lose situation. So I ended up rooting for Ohio State just because I didn't want to see a team like Florida win back-to-back championships in basketball with a nice football championship in the middle. That's just sick.

But that's what happened and it pisses me off. Now I have to watch Cubs baseball for the next two months while they're still relevant and pray that the Notre Dame Blue-Gold game tides me over until fall practice begins.

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