Friday, April 13, 2007

OK, It's my turn

So Don Imus made racially insensitive remarks. I'm not going into this. To an extent, although I don't agree with him, he shouldn't have been fired.. its his job to make those remarks. Did he cross an invisible line of radio ethics? Maybe, but that's not why I'm here.

I'm wondering: Why do we care so much? And I also think I have the answer: Because they're girls. Now bear with me here....

If these comments were said about the Florida men's basketball team, it would have been something like "juiced-up thugs" (I'm using Florida because they're a good athletic team and were just in the championship game.. that and I hate that Joakim Noah guy). And what would happen? NOTHING. We'd be saying "Oh that crazy Don Imus, you never know what he'll say next."

But that's it, and why? Because its a men's team. The Rutger's situation, however, deals with a women's team.. and therefore, we're not allowed to say certain things. Now, I'm not condoning or agreeing with Imus's comments but let's be honest, if it wasn't a girls team we wouldn't care.

Imus is a victim of reverse discrimination. If he makes fun of men, he's got a job on Sportscenter talking about the Cincinnati Bengals. But he made a crack at a women's team, and all of a sudden he's looking for a job. I just don't get it.

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