Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Its the end of March 2007 and..

* ... we've had the most uneventful and yet most exciting NCAA tournaments I've ever seen. When a number seven seed (UNLV) is the biggest underdog in the entire sweet sixteen, its hard to yell at the tournament committee for poor seeding. Obviously, they got it right. Now we're about to start the Final Four and we have have two one-seeds (Florida, Ohio St.), UCLA (which should have been a one-seed in my opinion) and Georgetown (the hottest team going into the tournament, number two seed). This is going to be some extremely athletic, physical and competitive basketball. The first game is the fast-paced Florida-UCLA rematch of last year's championship game and the second semi-final will be two bruising, physical teams with deep shot threats. I can't wait.

* ... every baseball team except for the Devil Rays, Pirates and Royals are the best team in their division. As a Cubs fan, I know I do this. I remember saying to some of my friends that there's no way the Cubs don't win their division this year. The Reds and Cardinals don't have the pitching and Milwaukee is... well, the Brewers. We'll probably win early with our strong pitching rotation and our obvious power line-up. But then someone gets hurt and our line-up gets shuffled and everything goes to hell. Every team will experience this except for the Cardinals and it pisses me off like no other.

* ... NBA basketball is about to start. I know they've been playing for several months, but frankly, the league just isn't watchable until teams start fighting for playoff spots.

* ... spring football for college is beginning. For three weeks every spring, college football die-hards have something read about. Message boards who ask "Who's the next QB?" or "What's the new coach bringing to our team?" begin answering their questions. Depth charts begin to shape up with the frosh and sophomores starting to step up. Its good times.

* ... fantasy baseball team owners are going insane. You know I'm right. Spring training starts in early March and you get really excited so you set up your league's draft for March 12th because you can't wait any longer. Then all of a sudden its March 27th and please God lets play a game so I can start talking trash. Everyone either loves or hates their team and its driving them nuts to sit there and see all those dashes in the scoring columns day after day. LET'S PLAY BALL!!! Less than a week guys, relax.

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Mark said...

regarding fantasy baseball im not at all anxious, because im just that confident. i know that when the season begins those columns will begin to fill with sickest stats imaginable as i rack up the Ws.