Thursday, March 29, 2007

Baseball Preview

We're three days away from opening day between the defending World Champs and NY Junior. Now seems about the right time to start throwing some crazy predictions out there so here goes:

* When Bonds breaks Aaron's record there will be much more applause than expected because no one in this country can actually stick up for what they believe in. I, however, will not be watching and hope that it never happens.

* The Yankees will miss the playoffs. Their pitching is absolutely terrible. Sure they have Rivera, but he's a closer.. what do you do the first eight innings? Frankly that team just can't score 11+ runs in enough games to make it to the post season.

* The Cardinals will miss the playoffs. Bear with me. The Cubs have a sick offense and one of the deepest rotations (if it stays healthy). The Reds were surprisingly close last year but won't be able to surprise people with Bronson Arroyo again. The Cards lost their pitching (which wasn't much to begin with) and last year proved that if Pujols gets hurt, there's more than fantasy owners crying.

* The Pirates will be the worst team in the League. They're awful and Kansas City at least TRIED to get better.

* Neither Wild Card will come out of the East.

Speaking of Wild Cards, here's my prediction for the playoffs this year.

American League:
East: Boston
Central: Minnesota
West: Anaheim
Wild Card: Detroit

National League:
East: New York
Central: Chicago
West: San Diego
Wild Card: Los Angeles

ALCS: Boston def. Detroit (4-2)
NLCS: Chicago def. New York (4-2)

World Series: Chicago def. Boston (4-3)

So perhaps none of this happens, and I'm a huge homer for the Cubs but I really like our chances this year, more so than in 2003. Chicago will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Cubs' first World Title with another one. George W. Bush will declare Chicago a national disaster and require the government to help the clean-up process.


Mark said...

you are absolutely delusional. i would, however, like to see the chaos that would inevitably ensue if the impossible finally came to pass. my twins ain't gonna do it either - not enough rotation depth and experience - but like you i am a huge homer and will pick them win the world series anyway

Kerda said...

Well said.